Professional Profile

  • Dedicated to building outstanding products and or solutions with professionalism and ingenuity. Always open and receptive to new and emerging technologies.


  • Jan 2012 - Present

    Senior Computer Security Expert

    HMG, Full-Time

    Large-scale platform development and comprehensive computer security consultancy. I managed several Big-Data related projects which encompassed; MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Titan, Hadoop and Storm within their technology stack. These technologies were leveraged to provide analytical insight and linking layers on top of millions of documents in real-time.

  • Jun 2010 - Nov 2011

    Principle Software Engineer

    Ocasta Labs, Full-Time

    Ocasta Labs Ltd is a new and forward-thinking software design company delivering new ideas and systems to make companies more productive and appealing to their customer base.

    My responsibilities involve front-end design and development with CouchDB. Ensuring compatibility on mobile platforms including; iOS, RIM, Nokia.

  • July 2007 - Dec 2011

    Director, Founder

    Mint Panel, Full-Time

    I designed and programmed Mint Panel to tackle a growing problem of complexities within web based control panels. Mint Panel simplifies and streamlines the deployment of game, web and voice servers. Mint Panel incorporates a range of complex and exciting new technologies to deliver a robust, secure, scalable and performance focused platform.

    My responsibilities include managing and overseeing the development and marketing of our core product. I took a hands on approach in the development of the software platform focusing on the JAVA and C++ side of the application.

Technical Skills

  • CouchDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Hadoop

    Big Data, Cloud Analytics & Processing

    A wealth of experience and exposure to Big-Data and Cloud Analytics. I have worked on a number of projects encompassing a multitude of different software platforms and services.

  • Web/UI Design, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Front-end Design

    Experienced with a range of Design and Development tools, from the Adobe Creative Suite to MacRabbits Espresso. Full understanding of HTML5 and CSS 3.0. Including experience with user interface planning and implementation. I completely re-designed the mobile web-user interface for Virgin Media which is now being widely adopted through their range of new online services. These designs were also used in promotional materials including advertising for Nokia and Virgin respectively, with great success.

  • JAVA (+JNI), C, C++


    Exceptional understanding of JAVA with long term experience in C++ and JAVA's JNI. I have developed a wide array of applications and services in JAVA including web servers and distributed systems. On the C++ side I have primarily focused on system specific programming with TCP/IP, including libraries such as PCAP. I primarily focused on networking. I have had experience with Shell-code and Assembly and actively engage in the pen-testing community.

  • Python, PHP, Ruby

    Web Development

    More than 8 years experience with web based programming languages. I have also been involved in System Architectures and problem solving for complex solutions for contracts over 1 Million GBP. Experience with working in a team and managing a small development team of 15 worldwide.

  • Nix, Virtual (VMWare, XEN, Citrix), Mobile (RIM, iOS, Nokia)


    Expert knowledge in Linux systems administration including a strong understanding of clustering; encompassing storage, databases and web servers. Strong understanding of virtual environments managing over 100 VMs including HA, DRS and Storage solutions.


  • BSc Computer Science, 2nd class division 1 - 2010

    University of East Anglia

    My third year project focused on a scalable distributed attack platform. This utilised distributed computing to interrogate an external/internal infrastructure. Perform a targeted attack and then a deep analysis of the network, stealthily analysing and reporting on network/system activity. The project used JAVA to form a distributed platform using the Metasploit Framework in conjunction with JRuby to distribute commands. The reconnaissance side used C++ to sniff and gather intelligence which was then embedded into images (steganography) and then uploaded to social networking sites. Password cracking was also used to help break passwords gathered from compromised systems for which I wrote a distributed version of Rainbow tables in JAVA. This JAVA Wrapper for Metasploit, known as JSploit can be downloaded from Google Code.

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